Québec – Montréal

Leaving Québec after breakfast
Driving on a smaller street next to the highway along St. Lawrence River
Visiting Trois-Rivières, a small town where St. Lawrence and other rivers come together
Visiting Montréal

Acadia National Park – Québec

Today we made our way to Canada, passing the US border south of Québec. Apparently we were not really prepared for the situation that this is the french speaking part of the country where you can hardly order an Ice Cream in Mc Donalds when only talking english.

Boston – Bar Harbor

A nice short roundtrip by car and sunset on top of Cadillac Mountain. However, we should have spent more time here, as the park is great with such great nature and awesome places. It’s worth to spend some days here.

New York – Cape Cod

Rundreise Ostküste – Etappe von New York City nach Cape Cod über New Haven, Yale University, New Port nach Cape Cod / Hyannis
Today, we had our day of the first road trip – from New York City to Cape Cod.
Heavy traffic when we left New York City northbound but this is just natural, I guess.

New York City

I should remember that it is really tough to drive into the City during rush hour (and I guess even if this is not the case it’s stressfull (at least for me)). But nevertheless, finally we found Manhattan, our hotel and a parking lot. Would be much easier without a navigation system.

Frankfurt am Main

We are almost done with all travel preparations. Tomorrow we will fly from Frankfurt to New York City and start our three week holiday journey.


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