Optimizing the Pinboard WordPress theme for photography

When I updated my Blog some weeks ago, I was looking for a photography centric theme. Main search criteria was the ability to host a small gallery with different sections and the support of featured images for articles.

Playing around with various paid and unpaid themes, I’ve ended up with OneDesigns Pinboard WordPress Theme (Link: http://www.onedesigns.com/wordpress-themes/pinboard), a clean theme with a variety of functionality.

However, there was one thing, which I didn’t like in the standard package – the width of images in the postings, which was too small for a nice presentation of my photos. Thus I posted a question in the One Design support forum (Link: http://www.onedesigns.com/support/topic/adjust-width-of-the-theme-using-custom-css) and got an immediate response (Thanks team!). But the suggested solution wouldn’t work for me and I had to find my way through the custom CSS settings myself.

Since then I’ve received some questions about the adjustments made, thus I would like to share a short tutorial with other users of the theme out there. Here is what I did:

Under Theme Options – Layout I’ve chosen „No sidebars“
(I guess it would also work with full width but this is how I did it).

In the „Custom CSS section“ I put
.page-template-template-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
.page-template-template-blog-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
.page-template-template-portfolio-no-sidebars-php #wrapper { max-width:1000px; }

The max-width parameter can be adjusted as required.

I guess most people would find a max-width of 1200 or 1400 more useful, you can simply check it out.

Hope this helps some of you out there. I would appreciate your opinion on the tutorial and suggestions for improvements.

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