Texter – My tiny little helper…

In daily business I have to write our product names (all in all about 10 specific ones) in capital letters all day long.

Writing documentation, e-mails and marketing material of all kind, this is kind of boring and the Shift key doesn’t like this procedure as well. ;o)

To solve this problem, a colleague gave me this little tool „Texter“ and I must say, this makes life a lot easier. I can simply create shortcuts or abbreviations and a hotkey to speed up the typing procedure.

Example: Instead of typing ‚http://www.reiss.cc‘ all the time, I enter this in Texter together with the short text ‚cc‘. Writing a text, I just have to enter cc and a hotkey to trigger a Texter action (such as Enter, Tab, Space).

I’m used to the unix way of path completion using the Tab key, so I can just reuse this routine and define tab as the autocompletion time.

Each time an entered abbreviation matches an entry in Texter the tool will autocomplete the word or phrase. And it works with all windows applications, since the tool is running in the taskbar.

Texter is available as freeware for Windows systems and can be found together with some screencams on http://lifehacker.com (Link).

I’m interested to collect some of your experiences with this tool. So, feel free to comment on the article.

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